What to do in leisure time

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  • A club bar, artists, a community cinema, Turkish and Swabian cuisine, an outside patio – there are many cool and trendy events in the Manufaktur, movies with depth and a colorful audience. Absolute go-to! www.club-manufaktur.de


  • For those who like Mexican food and South-American music:
    At Joe Penas you can eat very well and relax, it's only 5 minutes on foot. www.joepenas.de
  • For an after-work beer and a snack, in our opinion, the "Coco“ (Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 49, only 5 minutes away) is perfect. Easy-going, relaxed bistro atmosphere near your apartment:
  • www.cafebarcoco.de
  • During the summer: Schorndorf has a very nice beer garden right in the city, located in the Mühlgasse 16. A real must in summertime:
  • You are looking for a location for a more formal business dinner? We can recommend the gourmet cuisine of the Lamm in Hebsack, at only 5 km from Schorndorf:


  • Want to catch a movie? In the Traumpalast Schorndorf right around the corner you can enjoy the latest
    movies (in German). For more information, please go to:

  • Those who prefer alternative movies may find what they like in the community cinema of the Manufaktur: www.club-manufaktur.de



  • You prefer aquatic sports? The Oskar Frech-SeeBad is only 1.7 km away. There is a modern indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and there are many courses on offer. Another part of the bath is the very beautiful outdoor Ziegelei SeeBad – highly recommendable during the summer months. http://baederbetriebe.stadtwerke-schorndorf.de/


  • The Tennisclub Schorndorf is right next to the OskarFrech-Seebad in the Johannesstraße 66:

Conference room

  • You need a conference room? Please feel free to inquire with us to book a smaller-sized conference room. If you need a larger room, we can recommend the „zeit.raum“ directly vis-à-vis on the Röhm-Areal. Here you'll find bookable rooms from 12-100 sqm. www.seminarzentrum-zeitraum.de


  • You are interested in Christian events or churches? There is a number of churches and communities to choose from. You'll find two free churches in your direct neighborhood, and a great deal of various events. You can reach the Christliche Zentrum Scala with a few minutes' walk, it is located at Grabenstraße 40-44:
  • The evangelic church, the Stadtkirche at the Kirchplatz in the pedestrian zone is only 1 km of the apartment house.