LOOK further

You love the distance ... to stretch and to reach more ...
Vastness instead of confined spaces, visions instead of thinking inside the box …

Then you can think further and exceed your limits.

Enjoy the fantastic view of our penthouse apartment 11 and let your thoughts roam.

Relax on the huge rooftop terrace, with a glass of wine, or on the big couch, and rid yourself of unnecessary ballast inside your head.

Cheerfully colored walls, in combination with softer hues, vast free areas and generous headroom create a highly special, very cosy atmosphere.

Lay yourself down on the enormous boxspring beds in this apartment. It has two bedrooms, one with a 1,60 m wide bed and one with a 2 m wide bed, and two showers. Enough room for families, colleagues or even two couples.
The kitchen provides everything two to four people need.

You will see more …with yourself in the middle …and you'll have found the right environment for yourself. Arrive …feel good ...enjoy ...look further ...